Kittyz Pizzazz

Perfectly PIZZAZZ'D Box

Hey girl, Hey!!!

It's your girl Kitty coming to you with this amazing offer! I just know you're going to love this! You may want to sit down for this one!! Ok, you ready? Imagine this, every month, you'll go to open your mailbox and find this beautiful box. At the point, I'm  sure you're saying..Aaand? Now here's the kicker, your box will be filled with beautiful pieces of classy, sexy & stylish STATEMENT JEWELRY selected just with you and your style in mind. I know you're thinking, Kitty, what are you talking about!? Well I'm glad you asked!  Kittyz Pizzazz is now offering the PERFECTLY PIZZAZZ'D Subscription Style Box ! Yes, you heard me correctly! You'll receive EXCLUSIVE jewelry pieces that have not been launched on the website. YOU ARE VIP and we will treat you as such by providing you with the first picks. The best part of it all.... GUESS!!!  The price is even more amazing, only $38.99 a month!! Heeeeeaaaavvvenly! 

Don't hesitate or think twice! Hit the subscription button below and Paypal will walk you through the steps!